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Spiritual & Energy Healing

Love and Light Services offers:

  • Energy Healing
  • Reiki Healing  (Distance and in person)
  • Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Meditation Workshops & Lessons
  • ​Angelic Guidance
  • Past Life Readings & Healings

What is Reiki & Energy Healing?

Reiki is a healing technique where the therapist channels energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Energy Healing treatments can help you to...

  • Heal Chronic pain that does not fully respond to modern medicine
  • Mindfully process major life stressors (such as the death of a loved one, a breakup/divorce, job loss or other big life transition)
  • Move past limiting beliefs and disempowering behavior patterns around money, weight, love, and self-worth.
  • Deepen your sense of spirituality and alignment with your life’s purpose.

What to expect during your sessions…

  • We will start by chatting for a few minutes to identify your goals for our session followed by a brief guided meditation to help you sink into a relaxed state.
  • I will perform a body scan to assess your energy body and identify blockages
  • Based on your unique needs I will blend Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanism and Crystal healing to recharge your energy field + repair any stagnation or leaks.
  • You will receive customized next steps + channeled angelic guidance maintain positive energy between sessions and moving forward.

About Jessica

 Jessica Brodkin is a seasoned Reiki practitioner and the founder of Love and Light Services.  Jessica is not your average Reiki Energy healer. She has an MIT education, former CIA analyst, and currently a stand up comedian in NYC and all over the country. She became an energy healer after going through her own healing and health crisis that was unable to be treated with modern medicine. After becoming healed, she found out that her sister was sick and modern medicine was not able to manage her symptoms. Having the need to heal her sister, Jessica discovered that she in fact could heal people and continued to study everything she could get her hands on. Years later, Jessica has a booming practice in NYC and Brooklyn, and works with many clients at a distance. 

My Story

Hi!  I’m Jessica and welcome to Love and Light services!

At the end of this bio, you will either love me or think I'm crazy. Either way is fine--judgment free zone!

I started my life as a sweet little nerd and self-proclaimed atheist.  I went to MIT, worked at the CIA, and in my free time either danced on tables or was a stand up comic. Life was certainly never boring! 

In spite of my passion and zest for life, however, I always struggled with anxiety, depression and a number of health issues. 

When I was living in Washington DC, my physical + emotional pain reached an all-time high. 

I hated my job at the CIA and regularly experienced pseudo seizures + migraines.  Just leaving my house the house to walk my dogs was a struggle, and I ended up having to go on disability from work. I also began taking a cocktail of medications (7 to be exact).

My parents were terrified.  They didn't know what was happening to their daughter or how to help.  They took me to the best doctors, but nothing worked.

My fiancé did a ton of research to figure out what was wrong, but it made little difference.

I tried to take the natural path--drinking green juice and reading a slew of self-help books--but that didn't work either.

My doctors and loved ones didn't know what to do with me--and frankly, neither did I!

One night as I was having dinner at friend's house (a rare occasion), I experienced a sudden, crushing migraine and keeled over.  My friend had to literally peel me off the floor.  

He put his hands on my head and I suddenly felt all of the blood rush upwards and heard a "pop".  Instantly my migraine was gone!

"What just happened?" I asked him, incredulous.  "I did Reiki on you," he replied.

That night was a major turning point for me, as it marks the beginning of my healing journey.

I spent the next 8 years learning everything I could about the practice of Reiki, healing, spirituality and reconnecting with my own divine wisdom by meditating in the woods.  I was eventually able to get off all of the drugs I was taking, quit the job hated, and move to NYC, where I'd wanted to live for years. 

While at first I was primarily interested in Reiki for my own healing, when one of my sister grew ill, and western medicine was failing her, I knew I had to help.  I began giving her Reiki and was able to drastically reduce her symptoms + facilitate massive healing. She lives over 1,200 miles away, and I learned through healing her that I could do distance work. 

This is when I realized that I was called to heal others as well, and I've been doing this healing work ever since.

If I've learned one thing through my experience, it's this: 

We ALL have divine wisdom and the ability to heal (sometimes with help and sometimes on own).  Miracles CAN happen and there is a much more connected, vibrant and pain free existence available to all of us if we are open to it.

If you're intrigued and want to begin creating your own healing journey, contact us here for a  discovery call or session.