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Client Testimonials

Love & Light Reiki

"Jessica is amazing! Her natural gifts, empathy, and thorough implementation of spiritual tools made for an unforgettable and supremely helpful experience.

I was beside myself with stress and despair before my first Love & Light session, and had hit the kind of emotional rock bottom that rears its ugly head once or twice a decade and pushes one to the brink. Though I was skeptical at first, Jessica's reading helped me better understand my spiritual situation and how it was manifesting in my physical life.

Our session left me with a level of calm, hope and energy that I hadn’t felt in years.  I know feel better equipped to, make peace with the past and tackle future challenges and opportunities.

Thanks so much Jessica, I’m already looking forward to my next session!!!
-Mike Alvin

I'd never had energy healing before and wasn't sure what to expect, but the entire experience was utterly life changing. Without knowing much about me she picked up on toxic relationship experiences and assisted in clearing my chakras to the point I finally had the courage to move cross-country and away from a terrible relationship.

The entire session was incredibly soothing while she played soft music and asked gentle questions. At different times I could feel incredible sensations throughout my body such as beautiful streaming light, unblocking of tension, and a beautiful feeling of grounding and safety. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft and has so many amazing tools at her fingertips. I would recommend her services to every single person I know. She is absolutely amazing!”
-Ashley Stromman

“After suffering from stress-induced ulcerative colitis for 8 years, I knew I needed more than what western medicine could provide. I began seeing Jessica for Reiki sessions a few months ago and couldn't be happier.  Working with Jessica the most helpful thing I've ever done and I'm confident it will keep my condition in remission. 

Jessica has a great soothing energy and is an excellent listener. I always feel rejuvenated and calm after sessions, both in person and over the phone. From personal experience I can say that western medicine was treating my symptoms but working with Jessica gotten to the root of my illness.  I'd definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to try Reiki, she's amazing."
- Michelle Shure

"I've had the pleasure of several healing sessions and readings with Jessica and she is truly amazing!  Both her distance reiki/healing sessions and in-person sessions are incredibly restorative and have helped to unblock some major channels for my overall healing.  Her readings are highly informative and filled with accurate and loving messages.  I recommend her to anyone seeking increased energy, clarity and alignment (including multiple friends and my own mother).  Don’t think twice about working with Jessica, you won't be disappointed!"
- Angela Travers

Jessica is pure magic -- after our first session I was inspired to clean my entire apartment and then meditated for the first time in months.  After our second session a massive migraine was cleared away within hours.  Jessica is one of the most powerful healers and dead-on intuitives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  She creates a safe + sacred space and has an infectiously positive energy.  I can’t recommend her enough!”
- Rebecca Rubin
Marketing Coach www.thepursuitoffabulous.com 

 “Jessica is a blessing that has completely changed my life. Diagnosed with Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia as a child, I have grown up with chronic pain and fatigue. After my first session with Jessica my life began to change. The chronic knee pain was no longer stopping me. I went from having a difficult time walking up stairs, to being able to literally go hiking. After my second session, my entire mindset about the chronic pain had changed and physically, I don't even feel like the same person. Jessica's energy, approach and humor make for a very powerful and peaceful experience. If you are looking for a healer who actually understands your pain, and can instantly begin soothing it, you have found her. I'm so glad that I did!”
- Alyson Wagner

Definitely the best spiritual journey in my life to date. Absolutely calming, soothing, relaxing, and refreshing. It defines the " power of positivity" to newer, greater heights. I close my eyes and wake up feeling a newer, happier, better, more relaxed, more peaceful, and a more confident person in general. As a person who is easily prone to stress and tension, It is one of the most rapid forms of tension-releasing and stress-relieving experiences I have ever encountered and I am so grateful and proud to learn and take part in such a great, beautiful experience.”
-Mohak Batra

Jessica is different. As we worked together, I soon realized how humble she is, how kind, thoughtful, generous, open, compassionate, and f**king hilarious. She is equally as ready to talk about hermetic philosophy as her own journey to it, her own stumbles, pitfalls, and misadventures. Jessica does not pretend to be flawless. She is undeniably, charmingly, and brazenly human.

As I began to trust her, I began to see my own struggles through her eyes. For years, I’ve been scared of my own mind. She’s taught me to trust myself, to give in to myself and the world, to stop straining to create stories on which to rest reality, to simply be. She has guided me practically and metaphysically. I would recommend her guiding light to everyone."

-Rora Brodwin

“Jessica Brodkin is one of the most remarkable intuitives and healers I have ever met in over three and a half decades of working as a psychic and healer.  Her exceptional sensitivity and compassion allow her to work on multiple levels at once.  Jessica works directly with the emotional and spiritual bodies as well as the physical body, thus providing peace for the mental body.  She has remarkable wisdom for such a young woman.  I recommend that everyone get a healing from this woman at least once in their life!”
 -Marcy Gordon 

“When I came to New York, after a long 14 hour flight from the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, something did not feel right. When I met Jessica she immediately sensed an imbalance in my energy and in my chakras. Her kindness, energy, and her healing touch made me open my chakras and renew my energy. I have never felt better and would recommend Jessica as she is a genuine, kind, and compassionate human being.”
-Sonam Maekay

PenjorKingdom of Bhutan

“I had my first ever Energy Healing Session with Jessica with absolutely no expectations in mind before I began. I didn't know what Energy Healing was nor what it could offer me - I was just along for the ride! Jessica dealt with this in a great way. In an industry where time is money, she pushed all of that aside and focused on me through; 1. Explaining what Energy Healing was, 2. Explaining what I could get out of it, 3. Going above and beyond the services she offers. One thing I really appreciated about Jessica is that she's got this deep spiritual gift, but a banging sense of humor to contrast the depth of the session. It made me feel at ease with her to answer all of her questions as fully and honestly as I could - which in turn helped her see further into me and to open my eyes towards my own depths. I highly recommend her for anyone, regardless of their spiritual standing! ”
- Sahar Farhadi