Jessica has worked with corporations, organizations such as Live Clean, Jergens, Live Lively, The Tiger Woods (TGR) Foundation, and private groups. 

"We're so happy that you had a good time and cannot tell you all the AMAZING

feedback we had from the media. Everyone was SO moved by the healing, some

people even cried! Your presence was incredible and we are so thankful

you could be a part of it! We would love to work with you in the future."

- Brittney from Live Clean.  

 "Thank you for the  session [on EFT Tapping]. I have heard many people reference the

practice in some form, so I know it was a hit and people are continuing to use it."

-Sara from TGR Foundation

Group Session Option Details

Most sessions are approximately an hour and can be in-person or virtually. 

What is EFT Tapping? 

EFT Tapping which is a technique  that helps people rewire their brain of negative thoughts to more positive ones. It's called the emotional freedom technique, and it's derived from Chinese medicine, and it involves tapping on various points on the body. 

What do you mean by clearing and protecting energy? 

The group would learn how to :

  • How to cut cords
  • How to clear your energy, when you feel other people's vibes and you don't like it?
  • Which visualization techniques you can use. 
  • What are the ways you can connect to the earth to feel less anxious and more peaceful.
  • Which crystals are great for protecting energy. 
  • How do clear your energy with water.  

Please reach out with any additional questions,

scheduling, and pricing to

Group Offerings & Meditations 

Spiritual & Energy Healing

Love & Light Reiki

We offer several group healing and meditation experiences: 

Offered by Jessica Brodkin

The group session can be custom designed and can include the following both virtually and in-person:

  • Group Reiki Healing. 
  • Teaching groups how to ground, center, clear, and protect their energy. 
  • Group meditations with visualization.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT tapping 
  • Intuitive individual readings.  
  • Inner Child Healing (a specific type of visual meditation)